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Proof of Performance

The numbers show that Integrity® MultiCure provides a stronger provisional, with improved flexural strength.

Integrity® MultiCure Testimonials

Theresa Groody, M.Ed., EFDA, CDA

Bryn Mawr, PA

"Integrity® MultiCure is a great new product! I have used many other bis-acrylics and this one is noticeably stronger in my hands while finishing. It polishes really well too! Students in our EFDA courses, as well as participants in hands-on CE courses, are really excited about it. In my opinion, this is a vital product to put in your arsenal of provisional materials!"

Dr. Robert M. Abraham

Vicksburg, MS

"We love the new temporary material. It fits great and requires very little occlusal adjustment. The dual cure feature is a tremendous asset as well as toughness and esthetics. We highly recommend it and will purchase it when available."

Erin Prunty DDS

Hopewell Junction, NY

"Integrity® MultiCure is the best temporary crown and bridge product on the market.  It works well for multiple units, you can add it to itself without the need for bonding or additional materials.  It is a time saver in my practice and keeps my costs down by limiting the amount of materials needed in my office."

Jennifer Gawthrop DDS

Kannapolis, NC

"I was recommended to use Integrity® MultiCure by my sales representative when I mentioned that I had used Integrity in the past and really liked the product.  The light cure capability allowed bench top cure to decrease significantly therefore decreasing overall chair time for my temporary crowns.  I really like the product and will continue to use it in the future."

Jeffrey Kagihara DDS

Honolulu, HI

"The benefit of being able to light-cure Integrity® MultiCure speeds up the temporization process without compromising strength."

Lisa Kikuchi RDA

Corona Del Mar, CA

"In our office we only use Integrity® MultiCure. It is easy to use and gives us consistent results every time. The option to light cure is a unique added bonus. Without thinking twice, we reorder Integrity® MultiCure as our go-to temp material."

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Integrity® MultiCure Test Results

Use Integrity® MultiCure For a Stronger Provisional

With Integrity® MultiCure material you get improved flexural strength.

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Use Integrity® MultiCure For a Faster Temporization Procedure

Create a provisional restoration with up to 30% less procedure time, using the light-cure option.

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