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Tips and Techniques

Integrity® Multi • Cure

Getting the best outcomes is the goal for any temporization procedure.
Integrity® MultiCure has the ingredients to do it faster.

Integrity® MultiCure Technique Guide

  • Temporization Procedure

  • Following this procedure, you can create provisional restorations with up to 30% reduced procedure time when using the light cure option.
  • Temporization Procedure: Step 1
    • Step 1

    • Take matrix impression using Regisil® Rigid or AlginX Ultra impression material.
  • Temporization Procedure: Step 2
    • Step 2

    • Dispense
      Integrity® MultiCure material directly into the matrix. Place matrix into patient’s mouth within 45 seconds.
  • Temporization Procedure: Step 3
    • Step 3

    • Remove the provisional crown or bridge from the mouth after approximately 90 seconds.
  • Temporization Procedure: Step 4
    • Step 4

    • For a faster provisional procedure, light cure each unit 20 seconds.
  • Temporization Procedure: Step 5
    • Step 5

    • After light curing or five minutes from start of mix, adjust and trim the provisional with a slow-speed acrylic bur and/or a high-speed diamond bur. Finish and polish.
  • Temporization Procedure: Step 6
    • Step 6

    • Apply a thin, uniform layer of Integrity® TempGrip® cement to the entire internal surface of the Integrity® MultiCure provisional.

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